20 11, 2011

When riding a dead horse dismount.

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There is a Dakota Sioux Native American saying that goes something like …”when riding a dead horse, dismount”.  I’ve always thought the saying to be funny as it’s a little bit more than obvious.  Sometimes things can be blurred in the sales process and it’s not often clear if you should “dismount”. Most successful sales reps [...]

19 10, 2011

Outlook Signature Email Efficiency Tip

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In my last post which was revised from a post on VisibleGains I included a blurb at the end which I now realize was a powerful tip for use with outlook.  I came to this conclusion as I was talking to a prospect about inefficiencies and described our process for sending out "just" slightly different emails.  I'm not really sure who [...]

19 09, 2011

Never forget that you’re selling to people

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Sales are the backbone of every successful company and it’s always a good idea to study up on how to improve your sales ability through one to one communication.  In order to thrive, sales must engage personally though not necessarily in person – this concept is not always easy to grasp.  You can create personal engagements with [...]

19 08, 2011

Customer Video Testimonials in Seven Steps

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Customer testimonials are typically hard to get.  I thought I'd list a quick way that I have gotten video testimonials from customers in the past using flip cameras and dropbox for several companies. Step one buy some Flip Cams ($80) with your loaded logo (as of today you still can) - see picture to the [...]

1 07, 2011

Simple Linkedin Search Button in Salesforce.com

By | July 1st, 2011|Call Center, Community, Conversions, Data Sources, Inside Sales, KPI, Linked in, Salesforce.com, Simple Tricks|6 Comments

As a Marketing guy and at the end of every day - Sales is my client.  Since the data in Salesforce is sometimes a "little" off, I've created little tricks that sales-folks seem to love as it makes their life easier.  This one came about from watching an inside rep I was working with. The [...]

2 06, 2011

Building a good list with clean data

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There is nothing but upside to a company that has a handle on the profiles of their customers and prospects. Most organizations have a sloppy idea of what constitutes a good database (not to mention multiple databases) as well as no idea who the people are.  I actually worked for a company with 4 databases [...]

30 05, 2011

Why Starbucks (Sometimes) Sucks

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I’m tired of eating or drinking in places with fake or no character.  I can walk into any Friday’s, Starbucks, McDonald's, Outback, or other chain restaurant and not understand if the place has any local connection other than its employees.  The reason I eat there is because I know what to expect and often times [...]

31 03, 2011

Webinars need to be produced

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Someone needs to worry about the details and if your not going to do it right people will tune out or worse yet never tune in. No matter your reason for hosting a webinar, you should have a regular schedule and stick to it. Some webinars are more effective than others and the below considerations [...]

15 02, 2011

Email marketing is not meant to be SPAM

By | February 15th, 2011|Community|1 Comment

The majority of your database should have raised their hand at some point within their buying cycle to get themselves added. You should always have PERMISSION and use best practices (double opt in) in email address collection. Additionally you should have an a set email program strategy and follow best practices in email campaign development [...]