There are many gaps within companies; gaps between marketing and sales, gaps to getting marketing programs running or resource gaps, gaps between product and market fit, gaps for product habituation, gaps in freemium models, and gaps in conversion of leads just to name a few.  All of these gaps often times will appear to be uncross-able “chasms” without creative ideas and data driven decisions.

I often think these gaps are an excuse or as means to play the blame game. Honest thought needs to go into bridge these gaps through technology, strategies, and tactics in a repeatable framework – a Playbook. A good friend of mine always says “Facts are friendly”. In my opinion it’s all about execution and proven success with transparency and metrics. The limited resources you have demand working smart with relentless execution integrating various technologies towards a vision of success.

“Vision and passion without execution is hallucination.” – Thomas Edison

The best marketing comes from the right mix of innovative strategic thinking, creative campaign design and data driven decision-making. Customer and prospect understanding is the key. Acquire the right audience; convert them into an avid user base and hang on to them as a community engaging them with the right message at all levels consistently.

Be focused, relentless, and goal oriented and most important of all have a “bias for action”.